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Insurance Did You Know?

This page offers some commonly misunderstood information about insurance plans.

Did you know ... ?

  • Your insurance plan may only pay for your composite (tooth-colored) fillings at the amalgam (silver) rate?  Check your plan to see what it covers.
  • Your insurance plan has a yearly maximum amount.  Do you know what yours is?
  • Most deductibles start over every January 1 (check your plan to be sure).  If you have treatment near the end of December and again in January, you may end up paying more than expected because your deductible has started over.
  • Your insurance plan specifies how frequently you can have certain procedures.
    • Cleanings: Some insurance plans are very specific about 1 every 6 months while others allow for 2 per calendar year.  These sound similar, but are actually different.  Example: If your insurance allows 1 cleaning every six months and you have a cleaning January 15, if you have another cleaing before July 15, your insurance may not cover the visit.
    • Fillings replaced on the same tooth:  How often does your insurance allow for this?
    • Crown replacements:  How often does your plan allow for a new crown on a tooth that already has a crown?
    • Some periodontal treatments like Perio Maintenence and Deep Scaling have limitations.  Do you know what your plan says?


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